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Sustainable Logistics

Deluxe Delivery Systems is fully committed to mitigating our environmental impact and reducing your carbon footprint as well as ours. It is ingrained in each employee that all our actions have environmental ramifications. No action is too small. Whether it is conserving paper as well as energy in the workplace or implementing an innovative approach to package handling which can double the life of reusable boxes, we are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Additional Green Benefits

Today, carbon footprint reduction is an integral part of customer service. We’re engaging in ongoing reduction programs while improving service to our customers. Here are some examples:

  • Mass transit and carpooling are encouraged whenever possible, which helps reduce gridlock and emissions.
  • In major cities, like New York and Washington D.C., we use more foot and bike carriers rather than gasoline powered vehicles.
  • In NYC, we are using a growing fleet of rickshaw type bicycles to pickup and deliver small packages/boxes.
  • Pick-ups and deliveries, when scheduling permits, are consolidated for same and similar destinations, reducing costs for customers as well as being more environmentally sensitive.
  • Steep discounts are available to customers for consolidating on-demand and overnight deliveries, further helping to protect the environment.

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